The Mass Timber Building Enclosure Best Practice Design Guide provides straightforward design guidance that is applicable to all regions of the US and Canada, in a quick-access format. 

The intent of this guide is to educate designers, construction professionals, and building developers on best practice enclosure design principles for mass timber enclosures, including roofs, walls, and floor/soffit conditions. It integrates new and previously published information from the experts at RDH Building Science, providing a quick, practical reference—and when you want to dive deeper, you can find more in the bibliography and resources section.

This guide is a companion to Moisture Risk Management Strategies for Mass Timber Buildings.


  • Components: Ebook + instructions for use
  • Ebook format: Downloadable PDF
    (you will have 30 days from time of purchase to download)
  • Publisher: RDH Building Science 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-7772841-0-7
  • Pages: 51 inc. notes pages