Beyond general information and guidance, Moisture Risk Management Strategies for Mass Timber Buildings takes the reader through the decision-making process for specific building designs. 

The intent of this guide is to educate designers, construction professionals, and building developers on best practice strategies for mitigating moisture risk. It discusses all phases of the mass timber building’s life, starting with design and planning and followed by the development and implementation of a moisture management plan during construction. Various tools and checklists are provided throughout, drawing on new and previously published content from RDH Building Science. Citations and additional resources are included.

This guide is a companion to Mass Timber Building Enclosure Best Practice Design Guide.


  • Components: Ebook + instructions for use
  • Ebook format: Downloadable PDF
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  • Publisher: RDH Building Science 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1-7772841-1-4
  • Pages: 47 inc. notes pages