Learn the Economics of Mass Timber Construction

What This Course Covers:

In this session, Lisa Podesto of Lendlease presents on the economics of mass timber construction and poses the question: when does mass timber make sense? Touching on projects from around the world, with a focus on the US, she uses structural typologies and built examples to provide guidance on evaluating and managing costs. She identifies specific market/project conditions that mass timber can address, including labor shortages, schedule constraints, and performance requirement, and explains how the value proposition differs from system to system.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Compare mass timber systems to other structural systems in terms of typical costs and performance characteristics.
  • Recognize structural typologies that can be used to broadly understand design options and associated costs.
  • Identify features of mass timber that can address specific project goals and constraints.
  • Differentiate between mass timber design options in terms of their impact on project costs.

This course will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular architects, designers, contractors, and developers who are interested in learning about the design and construction of mass timber enclosures.

Continuing Education Credits:

1 LU 1 IIBEC CEH 1 Core LU

Why Learn About Mass Timber Enclosures?

As the design and construction industry continues to search for more sustainable and cost-efficient methods of construction, mass timber has presented itself as both a viable and a desirable option. With this new wave of design and construction comes challenges not faced by more conventional building systems and enclosure products. The instructors in the Mass Timber Enclosure series will explore and discuss a number of topics relevant to the design and construction of mass timber enclosures in the US and Canada, focusing on opportunities to manage risk and increase the long-term durability of the mass timber enclosure.


Timber and Innovation Specialist

Lisa Podesto

Lisa Podesto serves as Lendlease’s Timber and Innovation Specialist, responsible for developing a nationwide business strategy for the use of mass timber solutions in a range of projects. As the co-author and peer reviewer for the 2012 US edition of the Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Handbook, Lisa began her contribution to the market development of CLT and mass timber early. With years of design practice, a decade of experience in market development for wood structures, and insight on Lendlease’s portfolio of mass timber projects, she brings a unique perspective to the panel discussion.

You will have up to 30 days to review the course material and complete any required quizzes. This course can also be purchased as part of a bundle of 6 courses.