Get Familiar with Fire Resistance

What This Course Covers:

In this session, Bevan Jones of Holmes Fire covers general code provisions governing fire safety for low- and high-rise mass timber construction. He also outlines specific building aspects that may need early attention in the design phase as they relate to building authority coordination, testing, engineering judgement, and performance-based design.

This is a nano course and will take approximately 40 minutes to complete. It provides a broad overview of mass timber and fire safety considerations; code information is focused on the International Building Code.  

You'll Learn How to:

  • Name at least one feature of mass timber that differentiates it from standard wood-framed construction in terms of fire resistance.
  • Identify what type of building(s) mass timber can be used in under the current International Building Code.
  • Recognize standard methods for determining fire resistance and how these are used in approvals.

This course will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular architects, designers, contractors, and developers who are interested in learning about the design and construction of mass timber enclosures.

Continuing Education Credits:

0.5 LU|HSW 0.5 Core LU

Why Learn About Mass Timber Enclosures?

As the design and construction industry continues to search for more sustainable and cost-efficient methods of construction, mass timber has presented itself as both a viable and a desirable option. With this new wave of design and construction comes challenges not faced by more conventional building systems and enclosure products. The instructors in the Mass Timber Enclosure series will explore and discuss a number of topics relevant to the design and construction of mass timber enclosures in the US and Canada, focusing on opportunities to manage risk and increase the long-term durability of the mass timber enclosure.


Principal, CEO

Bevan Jones

Bevan Jones is a Principal and the CEO of Holmes Fire's US operations. With over 18 years of international experience in performance-based fire safety design, Bevan has led a vast array of projects ranging from residential design to large-scale infrastructure projects. He enjoys the challenge of applying first-principle design, holistically, to achieve a practical and efficient solution, through a transparent process with the design team and authorities. Bevan supports his alternative strategies with metrics from fire modeling, computational analysis, and industry research.

You will have up to 30 days to review the course material and complete any required quizzes. This course can also be purchased as part of a bundle of 6 courses.