Learn What Moisture Management Means for Mass Timber Enclosures

What This Course Covers:

In this session, Graham Finch of RDH Building Science explores some of the unique challenges that project teams need to overcome during construction. He explains how recent building code changes have impacted construction practices for mass timber buildings and presents examples of moisture management risks and mitigation strategies. Within this discussion, he provides insight into material choice, construction sequencing, prefabrication, and the pros and cons of different protection methods depending on project goals and climate zone. He explains the importance of preparing and following a moisture management plan.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Identify construction phase moisture exposure risks for mass timber building projects. 
  • Compare strategies for managing construction phase risk on mass timber building projects.
  • Recognize key elements of an effective moisture management plan.
  • Differentiate between different mass timber materials in terms of their moisture management requirements.

This course will be of interest to a wide audience within the building industry, in particular architects, designers, contractors, and developers who are interested in learning about the design and construction of mass timber enclosures.

Continuing Education Credits:


Why Learn About Mass Timber Enclosures?

As the design and construction industry continues to search for more sustainable and cost-efficient methods of construction, mass timber has presented itself as both a viable and a desirable option. With this new wave of design and construction comes challenges not faced by more conventional building systems and enclosure products. The instructors in the Mass Timber Enclosure series will explore and discuss a number of topics relevant to the design and construction of mass timber enclosures in the US and Canada, focusing on opportunities to manage risk and increase the long-term durability of the mass timber enclosure.


Principal, Senior Building Science Specialist

Graham Finch

Graham is a strong proponent of mass timber construction and is involved on some of the most high-profile projects around the world. He is a sought-after resource when it comes to the topics of enclosure design, risk management, and facade development. Graham’s CV also includes contributing and authoring a range of best practice guidelines regarding mass timber enclosures as well as presenting at various industry events.

You will have up to 30 days to review the course material and complete any required quizzes. This course can also be purchased as part of a bundle of 6 courses.